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Where have all the ICO, STO & Advisors gone?

Where have all the ICO, STO & Advisors gone?

Why it is time for #1society 

The world has come to a screeching halt. Nothing is the way it used to be and the only constant is the abundant overuse of “Black Swan” without half of the people knowing what they are actually talking about.

All ICO advisors and Tokenomics experts have swiftly reworked their LinkedIn profiles and are now healthcare and MedTech specialists, offering their expensive help to rich kids with half baked ideas, most of whom are wearing a tin-foil hat and have never failed and learned.

Simultaneously, we are seeing a vast amount of Hackathons, sometimes with as many as 43,000 (forty-three thousand!) participants, overwhelming their organisers, who are running this kind of event for the first time and generally do not have a consistent strategy on how to a) deal with the copious amount of interest and b) translate the resulting ideas into sustainable ventures.

As if this wouldn’t be enough, teams from vacuum salesmen, to the chaps that sell tissues for the re-socialisation of former convicts are now holding online “conferences” to flog their wares and are pretending to have an altruistic motive.

The thing is: Hackathons without an implementation strategy make as little sense as conferences that aren’t at least attempting to teach something foundationally new and different. Talks and experience need to get mixed in with out-of-the-box thinking and a complete and utter questioning of the status quo.

In addition, there will be gaps in knowledge that will be paramount to the successful completion of certain hacking-related tasks, or even for having the right perspective. Therefore the holy trinity for an industry and product agnostic event needs to be:

Training – Conference – Hackathon

We are not talking about improving supply chain efficiency by 5%, or increasing sales by 3%, we are talking about changing the way the world is being modelled and managed right now.

We are talking about inventing the new normal for a better tomorrow for us and future generations. We are talking about the best and brightest from academia coming together with experts in execution, select government representatives and investors that share our passion and vision, as they understand that this is a do, or die moment for humanity.

Mediocrity move over, this is why we need #1Society.

Let us come together as precious individuals, forget about divisions and polarisations and create #1intelligence to form #1society. It is time and the time is now.

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