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The Diverse and not so Inclusive impacts of COVID19 and Lockdown

The Diverse and not so Inclusive impacts of COVID19 and Lockdown

It’s clear that the aftershocks and impacts of the global lockdown from COVID-19 is creating challenges, and opportunities, that we’re barely scratching the surface of.

Diversity and inclusion is at the core of everything we do, and we need to be cognisant of how we navigate todays challenges and embrace the opportunities to ensure we don’t see a greater divide in those’ that have’ and those ‘that have not’, but instead reverse the divide and embrace the collective.

Widened gender imbalance in the work place, in pay and beyond, is a perfect example.

I fear greatly for the erosion of many equal opportunities that women face. When the staggeringly majority of single parent households globally are mothers, how will these families survive in the workspace/economically when schools are shutdown and no child care, affordable or not, is available?

For those fortunate enough to be able to work from home, there is an opportunity for flexible working conditions to become the norm and make it more inclusive for women to participate in the workforce and reduce the “Mummy tax”, now is the time to ensure steps are put into place that are lasting and equitable.

D&I has slid down the tables of importance, Gender paygap reporting has been taken off the todo list. At every turn the message is suggesting this D&I a nice thing to have, not in fact a necessity. That’s despite the best way to overcome and reinvent old business systems, that overnight no longer cater for our new world, is to bring diverse thoughts with new ideas to the table.

It’s not just in the work place, it’s also safety and survival for many at home. With victims being locked with their abuser during Covid-19 reported domestic abuse has raised by 25%* in the UK with one charity reporting a 700% increase in calls. There has been almost double the death rate from domestic violence since the lockdown has begun in the UK and the reports across other countries show similar, if not, worse figures.

Nothing is guaranteed, and now is the time to bring people together to make sure we can collectively shape a new future that serves us much better.

Which is why in these times of Social Distancing, we are bringing Society together as 1. We are gathering the brightest minds and most progressive voices from industry, technology, governance, health, and wider society for an online festival to collectively reset and give birth to mindsets and pathways that can take us beyond the great social, psychological, and economic challenges of our time and we would love for you to join us. #1Society. Grab your tickets now.


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