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We’re a collective of entrepreneurs, doers, thinkers, tinkerers, planners, and changemakers, who work together to combine digital evolution with human advancement.


Our backgrounds range from systems thinking over philosophy to blockchain, finance, cybersecurity, venture capital, and human-technology interfacing, and include multiple MBA’s, a PhD, and an average of 20+ years of professional experience ranging from working with Fortune 500 C-Suite to launching and accompanying hundreds of startups in several verticals.

With a background in building and improving ventures, Florian prides himself on his common sense and pragmatism. As a family man, he believes in the importance of finding a good work-life balance.

Florian Krueger

Executive Director

Bridget is action orientated and sees problems solved through people. Once described as being able to “Network in a Graveyard” she builds and nurtures networks.

Bridget Greenwood

Director of Partnership Operations and Impact

Vijak is driven by a desire to raise planetary consciousness and bring next level mindsets to our ventures and social forms of organisation.

Dr. Vijak Haddadi

Chairman and Chief Visioneer

Taurimas international capital raising advisor who has 15+ years of experience in direct dealing with all types of Public & Private Institutional Investors from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

Taurimas Valys

Founding Partner & Investor Relations Lead

Gaye specialises in organic strategies, adoption and ventures with emerging technologies such as AI, decentralised tech and IoT.

Gaye Soykök

Dadabit Capitain of Next, Strategic Implementation Adviser

Dale specialise in blockchain systems and the digital economy. Previously he has filled roles as creative director with over 20 years experience leading professional teams.

Dale Perkins McCook

ELAD Network CEO, Business Systems Adviser

Lubna Dajani

Allternet Founder & MD, Digital Culture and Technology Adviser

Molded from a multicultural background, Saqer’s passion derives from collaborations and growth in development externally and internally.

Saqer Alkhaja

Community Guide

Bowen enjoys exploring the intersection between systems thinking, emerging technologies, and the design of organisations that serve pressing social needs.

Bowen Feng

DAO Guide

Veronica has built her expertise over 15+ years of providing management consulting services for private corporations, public sector and non-profit organisations.

Veronica Mihai

Bloomwater Capital Founding Partner, Fundraising Adviser