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About Us

Our Mission

Syndikat is a new type of innovation platform for the next level of human technological evolution.


The crisis of 2020 has catapulted us into a new era in history – one where technology and new world thinking come together. It’s clear we can’t continue with the profit at all costs model, profit over our planet and people. Nor continue to allow decisions that impact us globally be made by just a handful.

As the shortcomings of past social systems have become obvious, so too have the technology and tools to construct new systems matured. Syndikat is leveraging this to pool the collective intelligence of the crowd, to revolutionize how we work, and to enable projects and ventures that make the world a more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable place.

What brings us, the team, and our collaborators and co-creators from all over the world together, is primarily a mindset, a faith in a better future for all, and a vision for a more inclusive and sustainable way of living on this planet.


Our Ethos


We embrace, as sentient beings, our duty tocontribute towards the prosperous and healthy unfolding of all life on Earth and to act as caretakers to the well-being of the planetary community and the environment that sustains it.


We deploy crowd-driven innovation, pool resources, share access, and generate collective intelligence wherever possible, to facilitate participation of all stakeholders in decision making and ownership.


We value access and inclusion for all, balancing genders, social standings, races, backgrounds, and orientations, to create ventures and social systems that are diverse, participatory, and open access.


We emphasise circular, sustainable, business models that thrive in chaos and remain dynamic, agile, and fluid by design.

Non zero-sum

We prioritise value co-creation over value extraction, always opting for non zero-sum ecosystems where all stakeholders benefit from a bigger pie.