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We accelerate decentralized and transformational ventures through multi-stakeholder innovation processes that benefit enterprise, community, and society at large.


We are interested in ventures that utilise game-changer technologies to advance the planet and human well-being, and that are built on principles of decentralization, privacy-protection and inclusivity. We accelerate existing teams or matchmake founders with co-creators to generate Minimum Viable Ecosystems.
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Our core team unites the expertise of a seasoned innovation agency with the know how of battle-hardened entrepreneurs and venture professionals. Together, we are a band of visionary pragmatists equally versed in next level tech (AI, Data, Security, Identity, DLT, IoT), systems architectures, venture finance, and human development.
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Next Level

Our multi-stakeholder innovation process allows a wide of organisations, from enterprise, over universities to communal groups and governmental bodies, to participate in the generation, selection, vetting, and acceleration of ventures, and thereby open up a wide range of avenues to advance their own digital transformation journey.
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We are building an inclusive community open to anyone who shares our ethos and our vision of the future.


We don’t just back ventures built on decentralised technologies, we also incorporate principles of decentralisation and crowd-pooled and collective intelligence into our process of venture selection and acceleration. You could say, we have skin in the game.

Envisioning a future of work where anyone is empowered to join and contribute to projects and ventures while being compensated in proportion to the value they generate, we are harnessing technologies like Blockchain DAOs and AI to build a decentralised network of collaborators and co-creators for our ventures and innovation initiatives.

Through events, hackathons, a network of local hubs across the world, and virtual festivals like our upcoming 1Society event, we bring create spaces and opportunities for you to take part in the collaborative creation of a new world.

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